Catching Snails with Beer

It is pretty common knowledge that snails and slugs areDSCF1890 attracted to beer, but how does one make a trap
for the snails without it filling up with water, the dog drinking it or in my case having cane toads come and getting liquored up before a night of terrorising the countryside.

Bring in the Beer Can Snail Catcher.

Recycled from a humble beer can with the sides cut down to allow the snails easy access to their favorite drink. If you are really thirsty you can make many of these in one session.

Simply take a beer can, carefully use a knife to cut little ‘draw bridges’ into the sides. DSCF1889

Dig a small hole in your affected area and place the can in so the ‘draw bridges’ are level with the soil surface.

Snails and slugs will enter the can and either drown or die of alcohol poisoning.

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