Stop plants frying in the sun

Recently we moved to a much warmer climate than the area where I grew up. While the thought of being able to grow fruit such as Mango and trees such Shadeas palms,the challenges of getting plants to grow in a hot climate have taken the toll on some of my plants.

While at the local garden centre, I was discussing the best way to grow plants in a garden bed along my fence. After telling her that I had a large backyard with a galvanized tin fence, she recommended that I buy a length of shade cloth or brush fencing to place along the portion of fence that is directly behind my plants to insulate them from the reflective heat in the mornings and the radiant heat in the afternoons.

Generally it only needs to be for the first summer, but depending on the plant it may need to be for a bit longer.

I’ve installed some shade cloth at my house, but my partner would like to see us use a brush fencing to cover the tin over the other fence.

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