How to Grow Mango from Seed

Mango SeedsOne of the treats of living in a semi tropical environment is that we can grow mango’s! We have a huge mango tree in our yard which provides great shade and a huge crop

of mango’s every year.

As our fruit aren’t quite ripe yet I was tempted to buy a couple of mango’s at the supermarket over the weekend. They were both delicious!Mango Tree

Seeing the seeds sitting in the top of the bin made me think that it would be fun to try and get them to germinate.

The first step is to take a pair of kitchen scissors and carefully cut the edge of the husky part of the seed away opening up the pocket that protects the seed. Carefully squeeze the edges of the husk open to reveal a large seed, not unlike a bean.

These seeds need to be planted in a pot of seed raising mix with the notch pointing down. The seed needs to have about 1/4 of the seed poking out of the top. Give them a good water and wait for the magic!

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