Bubble Wrap Window Insulation

Insulation is one of the most important products to keep your house warm in winter and cool in summer. Did you know that up to 37% of the heat in your house isbubblewrap lost through your windows?

The best way to prevent heat loss is to install double glazed windows through your entire house. Like you, I am not made of money! So after searching the internet for a while I came across a site that suggests using Bubble Wrap as an insulation product for your windows.

The steps are quite easy:
– Cut the bubble wrap to size
– Mist the window with fresh water
– Stick bubble wrap to the window, bubble side out

They suggest that you use clear bubble wrap to let the light in, but if you wanted a change you could always use green or red semi transparent bubble wrap to change the mood of your room!

Check out the full page at: Build It Solar

You could always just pop the bubbles… Virtual Bubble Wrap

5 thoughts on “Bubble Wrap Window Insulation”

  1. do i have to use water to affix the bubble wrap to the window? What about mold? Would tape work. Does the temperature changes affect the window or wrap if its wet? Molecular structure?any suggustions>

  2. The water causes the wrap to stick close to the window and it dries pretty quickly but the bubble wrap remains stuck. I doubt water would change the molecular structure of the bubble wrap, as bubble wrap gets wet in other applications and it does not have any effect.

    You could use tape, it would not get the wrap as close to the window as water though.

  3. I would like to use this for my green house this winter and I was wondering if the water my cause mold issues aswell? Do you know of any other techniques for applying the bubble wrap to outside greenhouse glass. I think the tape might not work for glass outside due to moisture problems.

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  5. I’ve heard that putting a little bleach in the water before you mist the window can help prevent mould growing. A little baby shampoo can help with adhesion, too

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