Garden Sprinkler Review

SprinklersAt my house I have three different types of garden sprinklers.  They are used in different parts of the yard to allow me to water my lawns and garden to keep them green and healthy.

1: Soaker Hose type – This hose works well to water my front yard as it is long and narrow. It can’t be used out the back as my dogs love to chew on it. It is around 4m long and uses ~12 litres per minute or 720 litres per hour.

2: Capitol – This is a great sprinkler that covers a large area quickly. It has a spread of around 6m circle (3m in any direction from the head) and runs at 16.5 litres per minute or a huge 990 litres per hour!

3: Rotoframe – This sprinkler covers a huge area, around 4.5 meters from the head. It runs at 7.5 litres per minute or 450 litres per hour.


The soaker hose works well for my situation, it covers a large area in a relatively short time. It is not as critical to my water bill if I forget to turn it off, or move it for an extra half hour or so. It can water my front lawn in around two hours, and I only need to move it once. It does the nature strip in the same amount of time with two moves as well.

The Rotoframe sprinkler is a great all round sprinkler, it covers a wide area but uses half of the amount of water that the Capitol sprinkler. It is a great set and forget sprinkler to water a large area of lawn. It is not good if you only have a short watering time frame, but for myself I tend to forget the sprinkler is on so the low flow rate works well for me.

The Capitol sprinkler is ideal for garden beds. It heavily covers the area being watered in a short period of time. Not a good sprinkler to use unless you have a tap timer installed on your tap. If you need to water a medium sized garden bed then the Capitol is for you.

Note: In this day and age of dryer weather it is best to water wisely. Use products such as wetting agents to ensure good water penetration, water retention crystals around plant roots to reduce watering intervals and mulch to prevent evaporation.

I will be posting about Polly drip systems in the near future so stay tuned!

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