How to Grow Passionfruit

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Passionfruit Vine - Panama RedGrowing Passionfruit is not nearly as hard as people make it out to be. In-fact growing your own fresh passionfruit is very easy, and I’ll share my experiences with you.

Like most plants, passionfruit needs a well drained soil, water, nutrients and some care.

Firstly you will need something to grow the passionfruit on, as they are a climber a trellis or mesh fence is a great starting point. It needs to be strong, as over the next couple of years your passionfruit is going to hang off it. You don’t want to have it collapse in a heap.

You will need to condition the soil you want to grow the passionfruit, dig the hole three to four times as big as the pot the plant came in. Make it a big wide dish shaped hole. Try not to mix the sub soil with the top soil too much. Maybe make a pile for the top soil, and a pile for the sub soil, put the subsoil back in first followed by the top soil.

Passionfruit are gross feeders, which means you will need to feed them a lot of nutrients over their life time. Set aside the dirt that came from the hole and mix it with well rotted cow, sheep or horse manure as well as some blood and bone. My grandmother always put some offal (liver, heart etc) in the hole and covered it over before planting, over time this would break down into a great nutritious food for the passionfruit.

Indirectly water the area with a sprinkler so the water can permeate slowly, not breaking down the soils composition. This may take two hours to get all the way through, a wetting agent such as Wetasol can be used to speed up the process.


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Planting out Passionfruit Vines
Dig a hole in the prepared soil, gently remove the vine from the pot and tease the roots. A healthy plant should have white outer roots, this indicates new healthy growth. Old brown roots are still ok, but the plant is not in it’s optimal state. It’s good to check the roots of plants at the nursary to see that they are healthy before you buy them.

Place the passionfruit vine into the hole and cover with soil. Ensure you do not cover the trunk above it’s original ground level.

Gently water the plant to remove any air bubbles around the roots.

Mulch generously if you live in a warm climate, this will help keep the ground around the plant cool and prevent moisture loss.

Growing Passionfruit from Seed
There has been many requests for the method of growing Passionfruit from seed. Before we begin, the result of your seedling may not grow the same fruit as the vine that it came from.

Step 1
Remove the fruit’s seeds and wash the yellow pulp from around the seed (I like to put the seeds in my mouth and eat the pulp then spit the seeds in a bowl). Plant seeds right away in seed-raising mix. You can plant more than 1 seed per pot, just put them a few centimeters apart, separate them when they grow larger. Cover lightly with mix (~1cm), water them well and put in a warm spot to germinate.

Step 2
Your new plants should pop up in 14-28 days.

Step 3
Once the plants are ~5cm tall, separate them into individual pots. To help the plants grow upright, include a stick or small growing frame in the pot to ensure they don’t droop over the outside. In 12 months your seedlings should be flowering.

Varieties include Nellie Kelly , Red Ambrosia, Panama Red, Panama Gold, and Sunnypash. The golden varieties are better suited to more tropical climates and growers may have problems with fruit ripening in cooler districts of the southwest. Passionfruit have relatively short life of between 5-6 years as they are so vigorous and heavy fruiting.

Above is a photo of my new passionfruit vine. It is a Panama Red, and the fruit will grow to be around 5cm in diameter. I have mulched the soil with rotted horse manure, and I will cover that with shredded newspaper. The fence is to keep my dog from digging it up. I have installed temporary shade cloth (70%) to the galvinized iron fence and the other side of the mesh to provide some protection from the hot sun. I will remove this when the plant becomes established.

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122 thoughts on “How to Grow Passionfruit”

  1. when is the passionfruit ready for picking? Do I wait until it turns from green to purple and wrinkled, or do I pick it green? thank you

  2. I have only recently discovered the great taste of passion fruit!
    I live in a small area in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.
    I Hope that I can get a tree to grow in my yard.
    It would be wonderful to be able to have passion fruit fresh for part of the year!
    I think I’ll try the Panama Red variety
    Thank you for your tips on growing passion fruit.

  3. The fruit will quickly turn from green to deep purple (or yellow) when ripe and then fall to the ground within a few days. They can either be picked when they change color or gathered from the ground each day. To store passion fruit, wash and dry them gently and place them in bags. They should last 2 to 3 weeks. The fruit is sweetest when slightly shriveled. Both the fruit and the juice freeze well.

  4. Can I grow a Yellow Passion fruit from the fruit sees that I will bring from Peru? and I wonder if the rainy weather of Washington State would help or not?

  5. I wouldnt be bringing in seeds from another country as they could contain deseases that could cause the local passionfruit vines to die.

    Growing Passionfruit from seed can be done. but is not the best way to go. If you have a hybrid variety it will not grow the hybird variety from the seed, also if you do not live in a true tropical area your root stock will not be resistant to Fusarium wilt. Grafted plants generaly will not get Fusarium wilt.

  6. I might give this a try this year. I’ve been going big on growing my own food for about a year now and this year am also adding blackcurrents and mushrooms to the produce I already grow at home. I figure that my garden is closer than the supermarket so I’m saving time as well as money and getting better food.

  7. I am living in South Africa in the Northern Cape (Kalahari) which is semi arid. We have very hot summers and cold winters with frost. Will they grow in our region and how can I protect them in winter?

    How often must they be watered in summer and during winter?
    Danie Terblanche

  8. Hi —– I have grown a magnificent 6 m trellissed granadilla.It bares large flowers and then drops the flowers one by one never reaching the fruit stage. The plant is now 6 years old and to date has never given a single fruit.
    Is there a solution to this problem or is this just a rogue plant that looks fabulous.

  9. Kevin,
    There are a number of reasons that you vine may not be fruiting.

    – Poor pollination. This is the main cause and can be due to bees not working the flowers, temperatures being too low or too high for pollination or rain directly reducing the viability of the pollen.

    – Extended periods of overcast weather. This may cause flower drop regardless of pollination problems.

    – Boron deficiency

    The first two can be difficult to control, but add some boron. Just mix up a teaspoon of Borax (from the supermarket) with 10 litres of water and water in well.

    Also try adding some Sulphate of Potash, it encourages flowering and helps the plant resist disease.

  10. I heard it is possible to grow passion fruit in Chicago–is that strictly inside or….Also loved the “banana” passionfruit I ate in New Zealand as a child-any news on obtaining those plants?
    Thx U

  11. I have had a passionfruit vine growing over my clothes hoist in the backyard for many years, it is an unusual passionfruit that was given to me, on the top of the passionfruit there is a stub that is attached to the passionfruit and it has quite a soft outer casing.
    It could be either the Alata or a Granadilla I am not too sure but the problem is that it does not get any passionfruits on it, it gets the flowers and then they drop off without going to fruit.
    Do you know what can be wrong with the passionfruit vine.
    The passionfruit is even more than the Panama Passionfruts

  12. hi, i live in fresno, california is it possible to grow passion fruit as its very hot and very cold climate. also, does anyone know where i can buy a passion fruit tree? thanks much

  13. Hello, I am from orange county, calif. and they sell them at home depot.I bought a passion fruit (purple) at a store and fell in love with the juice. i took the seeds and put on paper towel and planted in the ground. well I forgot about it, and one day, a year later. it started to grow. It is so beautiful, and this is my third year of fruit.
    this year it is already full of fruit about a hundred or more, I can hardly wait until they ripen. my problem, I ready don”t know how to juice them .

  14. Thanks so much for the information on passion fruit. We have found a
    huge fine growing beside our building at work and it is now producing fruit. As we know nothing about the fruit, can you tell us how long before the fruit is ripe, etc.

    Thanks again.

  15. i am growing passionfruit for school, and was wondering if you can help me with any advice. I live in Australia, so would the techniques for growing these be any different from that of in america?
    thankyou kinkdly.

  16. My neighbor brought back two small sprigs of a passionfruit vine and 11/2 years later it has taken over everthing….My husband is cutting it back and I want to save the fruit if possible,Can I ripen it off the vine? I believe it is a yellow passion fruit not a 100% positive.

    Thanks for your help ,


  17. I live in Singapore and have planted 14 vines of 2 different varieties, unclear exactly the species but I was told they were fruit bearing varieties by the nursery that sold them to me. One variety has the three pronged leaf while the other is a single blade.

    The trouble is while they appear to be growing well, some have not flowered at all, and the ones that do flower never fruit. They are all around 6 months old now.

    I fertilise regularly with slow release pellets, maybe I should try the borax trick I read about above ?

    Any suggestions welcome.

  18. Great work with your 14 vines!
    You should add potassium to the plants. Potassium is the K in the N:P:K for fertiliser. Nitrogen (N) is for leaf growth, Phosphorus (P) is used in photosynthesis and is required for any growth to occur, and Potassium (K) encourages disease resistance, flowering and fruiting.

    I use Sulphate of Potash on my vines, follow the directions on the packet (you can make it a bit stronger for your passionfruit) and repeat every three weeks.

    Another way to encourage more flowering is to pull the tips out of all of the stems, this will encourage bushy growth and will give you more fruit.

    Let me know how you go with the potassium, and stay in touch if you’ve got any other issues.

  19. It was the flower that “caught” my eye last year — at another location I had seen it, this time it had the fruit on it. Both locations were in the wild here in South Carolina. This link gave me wonderful information thanks

  20. I live close to the Virginia border of North Carolina and it is growing wild in the field by my house! When I take my dog for a walk daily, I always check the fruit to see if any is getting ripe. I just hope I can beat the deer and other critters to the bounty! Maybe I’ll get lucky and get one or two to get the seeds.

  21. …dear advisor,i live in sydney australia,i have two passionfruit vines that are growing extremely well…both very different in leaf size,colour and texture,both flower but as yet no fruit,they are nearly 18months old..the flowers are different also…do you need a male and a female plant? ,like some other plants,ie avocado..or with the right minerals and bees pollinating should each plant/vine produce fruit?.

  22. Righto, the difference in you passionfruit vines is most probably variety. I have a Nelly Kelly and a Panama Gold, these two are completely different in their leaves.

    Passionfruit flowers have both male and female parts to them, that means that you only need one plant, it doesn’t hurt to have more though.
    If you are getting flowers but no fruit, you may have a pollination problem, try going out in the mornings and checking for flowers, use a cotton tip to gently take some pollen and place it on the stamens of the flowers. You should also fertilise your vines with a good dose of Sulphate of Potash, this helps the plants produce more flowers, where as nitrogen encourages leaf growth. You can apply it at double the recommended rate on the packet for the first application, then at the recommended rate there after.

  23. I grew commercial seeds. The thing grows well in sandy backfill by the house. It does okay here in Zone 6 Michigan (Detroit) but it dies back to the ground every year. We get flowers and fruit late in the year. I haven’t figured out how to handle the fruits, as I have to pick them green when cold weather comes.

    I have a few passion flower plants in pots that I bring in, but those have not flowered.

    My neighbor got a start from a relative and grew passiflora for many years on a western wall with a trellis.

  24. hai,my name is khairul but i also known as mr from malaysia and a friend told me passion fruit is good for curing asthma so im interested of planting a passion fruits,but im wondering if i plan to plant the fruit at malaysia does it has any problem, i mean is there any precaution that maybe you can share with me it will be very great.

  25. Hi Ben,
    Thanks for the info. I’m transplanting my potted vine to the arbor soon so your info makes me less frightful. We had the best passion fruit vine growing here in California for 10+ years. Hummingbirds nested in it and it produced so much fruit every summer. Friends thought it to be the strangest fruit – glad to see it’s more popular.

    Eventually a really bad frost got it. Good to protect them from frost. The seed came from Madeira Island, Portugal and it may have made it’s way there via Brazil – not 100% sure.

    Thanks again from a fellow gardenholic. Happy Gardening all.

  26. I planted my passion fruit as per instructions, within one week all the leaves had fallen off. Where did I go wrong.After planting I gave the plant some liquid feed( over the leaves), did I do the wrong thing.I used a solution of fish liquid fertilizer. Will the plant survive.

  27. I planted a Panama Red grafted vine this time last year (late spring here in Australia ATM) and it’s still really small because each time I coax it to grow new shoots, something eats all the new leaves. What can I do to protect it from whatever insect is eating it? I’ve thought of covering it with mesh but I don’t know how big this insect is and whether it’ll simply crawl throuh the mesh holes. Is curtain material too tightly woven to use? I wonder if it will block the sun too well. Any help is really appreciated.

  28. I have a passion fruit vine. It bears good no. of fruits. We make use of it for making juice. If the juice is stored in freeze is it O.K? I have made wine from the juice. The wine tastes good.I need more information regarding making wine from it.How do I use the passion fruit for other purposes. does appling the juice on your skin helps?

  29. I have a passion fruit vine in my front yard. I have just moved to Cairns, Australia. I was wondering how to tell whether the fruit is yellow vs. purple (they stay green and then drop off the vine, they are almost ‘pear shaped’) and when to harvest. Thanks.

  30. I have a Nelly Kelly black passionfruit in Australia which is about 3 years old. Is quite large now, covering a big area. This year I was quite excited to see all the flowers (hundreds), and was expecting a nice first crop. However, I am very dissapointed because virtually all of these flowers shrivel up and fall off the vine after blooming. So far I have only 3 passionfruit that have formed (it is the first month of summer here). I went to the plant nursery and asked their opinion. They said the problem was that the rootstock had taken over… because the shape of the leaves was star like. Apparently the Nelly Kelly variety is supposed to have plain oval shaped leaves. Does this sound right? I can’t see what else it would be. I give it regular water and there are lots of bees in the garden. I haven’t fertilised it though… just covering the area below it with well rotted chicken manure.

  31. James,
    I’m in Australia also, the summer season has given me some challenges in the garden!
    I too have a Nelly Kelly passionfruit vine, and the leaves are star shaped with three prongs.
    The problems sounds pretty common, chook manure is great to get the leaves growing and too bulk up your plant, Potash (Sulphate of Potash) is the key to getting strong flowers, good fruit and disease resistance. FYI Potassium is what the plant uses to produce chlorophyll and that’s used to make energy for the plant.

    I would be getting two big handfuls of Sulphate of Potash, mixing it in a watering can and watering around the roots. Then creating a thick layer of mulch about 10cm thick all around the base, being careful not to get it close to the trunk, to keep the shallow roots cool and moist during the summer weather.

    I’ve heard of people not getting any flowers for three years, then applying Potash and not knowing what to do with all of the fruit!

  32. one of the comments earlier asked – what can i do with such a large amount of passionfruit. whoo you are so lucky. ever since i was a child i’ve been coveting a flourishing passionfruit vine. my grandmas boyfriend grew one and he used to freeze the pulp in ice cube trays. 100% pure passionfruit ice block. amaaazing. i finally am growing my first passionfruit and i soo look forward to the day when i can freeze the pulp.

  33. Hi I am in Sydney Australia, my problem is lots of fruit and no flesh inside the fruit.
    I feed, I water but still nothing.
    What do I do
    Thank you

  34. I have two types of passionfruit vines one has a thin three prong leaf
    which has 8 fruit on it the rest of the flowers have died off the other vine has a broad three prong leaf and has no sign of flowers for the last 2 years, there is no problem with the foliage I have fed both vines cow manure and potash. why is one vine has fruit and the other has not?

  35. James, I think chicken manure is high in nitrogen and apparently high nitrogen levels feeds abundent leaf growth rather than fruit growth. So in addition to adding the potash, maybe lay off on the chook poo.

    Andrew, don’t know about yellow versus purple but my dad’s vine drops fruit once they are ripe. He never picks from the vine, just waits for them to ripen and fall off themselves and they are delicious and full of juicy pulp. BTW he has a purple nelly kelly and they change colour on the vine (to purple) before dropping off. I have read of other people who have the same problem and if they leave the fruit for a couple of days, it apparently ripens in the fruit bowl.

    Also just to update in case it helps anyone else… re: my problem with something eating the passionfruit leaves while trying to establish the plant – I went ahead and put some very tightly woven sheer curtain material around the plant to keep the hungry insect out and it’s worked!! The material didn’t block the sunlight as I had worried it might and I now have a flurry of fingernail sized leaves and more leaf buds on the plant. And no insect nibble marks!! YAY!!!

  36. Hi guys, I am in Brisbane, Queensland Australia. A passionfruit vine started growing in our backyard last year, and just over 1mth ago the first fruit appeared – a MASSIVE passionfruit, bright green. there where no other flowers on the vine at this stage. It has eventually turned yellow, but still over a month later has not dropped from the vine or wrinkled. a second large fruit has since grow (same green colour) and heaps just last week heaps of flower buds and new fruits have started growing. I wanted to know if we need to pick them off in order to ripen? or perhaps the slow ripening of the first fruit had something to do with the vine being so young? Any advice would be great 🙂

  37. I live in Sydney Australia, About 8 monhs ago I planted 1 Nelly Kelly and 1 Panama Gold passionfruit plants(Both Grafted). I have already tasted (about 10) of the Panama Gold, and at present,(March)there appear to be a couple of hundred of flowers. Many unfortunately dry up and fall, but a reasonable number, are bearing fruit.
    I fertilise the plants with: chicken and cow manure dilute and left for 2, or 3 weeks or even more in a large 200 litre container, and applying it with a watering can, from time to time add more fertiliser so it gets stronger and efficient for the plants.

  38. In the Galapagos Islands we harvested from the ground under two large spreading trees, hundreds of passion fruit whch we subsequently juiced. The juice was excellent, even better than the frozen Parcha concentrate we bought in Puerto Rico.

    do some passion fruit grow on trees?

  39. I leave in Northern Virginia, I do love passion fruit, please let me know where to get passion fruit and how to plant the fruit? Thank you for your help.

  40. I just wanted to say that I found the info and the messages helpful and interesting. I am 39 years old and my great grandmother whom was from New Zealand, came here 2 the states (Florida) and brought passion fruit seeds. She was one of, if not the first,in Florida to grow Passion Fruit. I think they even wrote a newspaper article on her for it. Anyway the bees would not pollenate the flowers so every day she would pollenate a certain number of flowers with a feather and log it in her diary. She planted it in potting soil and good ol’ sandy florida soil, fertilized it, every so often,kept it watered and kept it in full Miami sun. SHe grew these until she died sometime in the late ’70’s. So evidently if you live in a more tropical area it is easier to grow unless of course you have to use a feather to pollinate. I have just planted some seeds that were handed down from her and her plants. So we’ll see if I have the touch as she did.

  41. Hi…Thanks very much for all the helpfull info. re passionfruit . Ive prepared the site for several reasnobly established vines , i hope to buy soon from a nursery [sydney inner west..its a warm sheltered north facing spot w zero frost , that gets the winter sun in abundance} Question please 🙂 : If i use a large plastic bag as a “mini greenhouse” to potect infant plants, is there any sucess [ in your opinion ] starting a ‘winter crop’…obviously they wont flower yet, but in the right spot would there perhaps be good vine development over winter ? Or, is it better to wait for planting in the early spring ? regards, scott …

  42. I’ve found that it is possible to freeze the whole passionfruit. When ready to use them just cut in half and scoop out the pulp and it is ready to use.
    Saves lots of time and fussing around.
    Queensland, Australia

  43. I have experienced every thing mentioned on this site. I have both yellow and purple varieties that I bought from a nursery. Sometimes they flower and they dry up and fall off, and then after about a year the flowers were pollinated by lots of bees and set fruit… hundreds of them. I scoop them out and have frozen a lot for the winter. I have tried the hand pollination but without sucess. They have now taken over all the fence lines and now grow up into the trees and upon my roof. To everyone keep trying and you will be rewarded. Im in parcha heaven. Near Tampa Fla

  44. Passionfruit in England ? yes I planted mine last year and now it is full of fruit slowly changing colour. I intend to make a Tiramasu and some jam.

  45. It has been great learning about how to grow passion fruit plants. I am beginning a mango plantation in the middle belt plains of Ghana and have tried some seeds of yellow passion fruit I brought back with me from Tanzania in July 2008. A couple of them have germinated and exactly eleven months after they are flowering and fruiting beautifully. I am really excited and am eargerly waiting for the fruits to mature so I can expand production. With the information you have shared on how to grow passion fruits, I cannot wait to establish a plantation of passion fruit.


  46. I would like to know more about passion fruit. Im from southern part of India. And im badly in need of Yellow Passion fruit for conducting a study related to my thesis. Do you know in what season passion fruits grow? Here it is rainy season now. It is not much marketed here in India. So i can only manage to get it in its season, by finding out someone who is growing it. please give your suggestions on this.
    Thank you

  47. I live in Glorious Fresno, California and i am passionate about passion fruit. I would love to have a garden, but i am afraid it is too hot here. In the summer temperatures can reach 110. Is there any way i can grow a variety of passion fruit in this climate? Perhaps with shade?

  48. I have grow the passion fruits almost a year but there is no fruits yet. I don’t know what’s wrong. It grows quite fast and strong but strange no fruits yet. I let it grow on the fence and I put enough fertilizer and watering. Can anybody help?

  49. I was delighted when I found your site and found it very interesting, I am growing Passion Fruit over my Pagoda and have loads of fruit, but I was told I could not eat it, that it was ornamental only in this country [North West England] Is this correct?

  50. I have a passion fruit plantation on my terrace. It’s four month plantation now and and flowering has started. I have made mesh structure on four poles. I sowed only four seeds in a vase measuring 1′ deep. It has been fed on kitchen waste and sheep dung. Very soon it will spread horizontally on the meshed structure. I would love the shadow beneath when it fully occupies. I do not get east sun which is good for the plantation but, a west sun which is harsh. Despite this it has flowered within four months. I love the aroma of the fruits as the name suggests.

  51. My mum has got a super passion flower plant.She does not know name of plant as was gift many years ago. This produces lots of lovely orange passion fruit, she would like to know if these are edible. We live in south of England if that has any baring on subject. Many thanks for help , Chris

  52. I live in England. We have a large passion fruit bush with plenty of flowers but no fruit.

    We had fruit about 2 years ago but none since. Any suggestions?

  53. I lived in Kansas for nine years and the vine grows wild there. It was the southeast corner of Kansas and could be harvested in most of the state. Even though winters could be very cold (-50F wind chill ) and hot and humid (low 100’s F) in summer. They have a beautiful flower and are harvested for herbal use.

  54. I am growing passiflora edulis from seed I bought in Hawaii. I neglected the seedlings for a few years in a pot- now they are in the ground here near Mission Bay in San Diego. The vines have taken over the backyard the last two years- and it finally started flowering late this summer. Still blooming here in early fall. Some flowers are white- some are purple. I have not seen any fruit- the flowers only last about a day and fall off. I have lots of painted lady butterflies in my garden- they lay eggs on the vine and the caterpillars chew on the leaves. I have a problem with spider mites- I probably don’t water enough. After reading comments I will fertilize w/ potash and see if that helps- I would love to see some fruit! I have bees in my garden- but I always see them crawling on the flowers before they open. I have tried hand pollinating- have not seen any results. I also think maybe it doesn’t get enough sun- I have a small fenced in yard that gets shaded by adjacent buildings and an increasingly large ficus tree- which the vine keeps trying to take over!

  55. I’m currently growing passionfruit and I’m in the Philippines. I don’t know what variety it is, i got my fruit from Hong Kong and I brought it to the Philippines, it’s hot here but it’s growing! I started to plant the seeds during summer (early March) and temperatures were between 34-40 degrees celsius. I’ve planted it in medium size pots with good soil and drainage and now it’s growing like crazy. I’m training the vines to coves the entire wire trellis fence to cover my ugly neighbors house (LOL) and it’s doing it’s job. I just don’t know when it’ll start to flower and fruit.

  56. I am in the Southern Portion of the Phils. I grew Passion Fruits just to cover my vermi plots. It has given me enough cover from sunlight because be sometimes have temp. of 28-32 C. It has produced for me some delicious fruit juice & combined with pineapple or mango juice do make it excellent.

    Each fruit gives me so many seeds that now I have Passion Fruit plantables growing out of my ears! If any one need the seeds or the plantables, say it !

  57. I’ve purchased a Black beauty passionfruit plant today, Your info above should give me a great start to success. Its summer here in New Zealand and the temperature is 26 0C, I intend on doing as you’ve suggested and its sound to me like a recipe for success.
    Thanks and I look forward to fruit within the next year or 2.

    From New Zealand

  58. Tender Passion fruit leaves make great healthy green salad. Cut into tiny pieces mix with onions, salt, grated coconut, and juice of lemon.

  59. I am interested in starting a passion fruit plantation in the North Coast in Perú and have a few questions for you:
    1. What is the best time of the year to plant?
    2. What season can I expect the fruit to start coming out, summer perhaps?
    3. Are there any insects to fear? Or maybe plant disseases?
    Thank you in advance for your answer.

  60. My passion fruit plant has lot of followers but hardly become fruit. What should I do? There is a way to hand pollinate?

  61. Im apassion fruit grower in masaka distrct,uganda but igot a problem with my plantation.Most of my plants started wilting at the stage of flowering,was that a disease or pests?Then what advise do u give me to stay safe with my plants?AWAIT 4 YO ANSWER.

  62. I have recently planted some passion fruit seeds and most of them have grown into seedlings.. however, 13 of the seedlings are green but one of them is red. Is something wrong with it?

  63. hi all

    Will some reply me on the places where passion trees were widely found in UK . it may be forest, farm , garden any thing .

    kindly provide all the places please

  64. Hullo. I am from Serere District-Uganda-East Africa.
    My Passion for passion friuts is quite tremendous.I am starting a plantation of about 5 acres of passion friuts. My biggest worry are the crazy children and the apes when the friuts start to mature.Questioin:what do I do with these Crazy pests?

  65. I am posting about the fruit that I picked from a neighbor’s vine today. I am pretty sure it is a variety of passionfruit but I would like some confirmation. Would someone please come to my blog in the next day or two and let me know if it is?


  66. We live in Long Beach, Southern California, and have had a passion fruit vine for the past two years. We bought it at a local nursery in a 5-gallon container. My hubby planted it aginst the west-facing wall of our home and strung some wire for support. The vine started to grow vigorously, and when the flowers appeared, my hubby hand-pollinated them, one by one, using one of my cosmetic brushes (we do not have a lot of bees any longer). Last year we had about five dozen fruits, and this year, we stopped pollinating st 200 — we are enjoying a bumper crop ! As the last fruits ripen, we fertilize the soil and are now watching the second crop of blossoms develop. With luck, we should have fresh fruits until Christmas or beyond!

  67. I have 3 passion fruit trees and have not had flower or fruit for about 2-3 years. I hear that some plants to not give fruit. what should i do to get flower or fruit ?

  68. I Live in Melbourne Victoria Austalia
    I plantet a passiofruite in a sunny position, Plant deos not grow vety well and no Fruit. What shall I do to get some Fruit.

  69. i have seed and try to geminated couldnt get anything its very hard i live in z0n 9 usa south louisiana
    semi tropical weather alot of rain…iam excatly neat the missisipi river… how make plants? any one knew , this tree was to grow wild in the woods and has many names

  70. Ah… This is the fruit I’ve been wanting to eat again for the last 12 years. I first had this fruit when I was in Bacolod, Negros Occidental Philippines. I don’t know the native name of this fruit that’s why I can’t tell my auntie to bring some for me back in Manila. The taste of this yellow-lemon-like fruit is citrus but mostly enjoyed with some salt sprinkled on it when it’s open then scoop every seed and eat it.

  71. Hi Ben,

    Thanks for the tip, these could very helpful if I can find some passion fruit seeds. I missed eating this delicious fruit which reminds me of my childhood and recently became the main ingredient in one of the cooking challenge in master chef.

    Thanks again, From the Philippines,

  72. Have recently planted a grafted Black passionfruit.My last vine lived for8 years and produced kilos of fruit every year.I live in western N.S.W Australia .Temperatures range from minus5 to 45 degrees. So wherever you live give them a try.
    Good Luck.Pete.

  73. I have planted a passion fruit plant for the last two years and they get a lot of flowers but not much fruits … reading from it , must I use human assistance to polinate the flower and if so how to do it , can someone help me ?

    thanks , appreciate the answer ?


  74. I have a Nelly Kelly bush I have just found that my passion fruit are falling of the bush they are quite large and very green.
    Why is this happening they get plenty of water.
    I live in Perth Western Australia

  75. I am a farmer in Kenya western province, Busia district and I realy want to groww passion fruit on large scale Will i get the market for this commodity

  76. Hello, I have a passion fruit vine that has taken over a large portion of my yard, it grows quite
    fast and has gone about 20 feet up a palm tree where it has kind of gathered. I live in San diego and the leaves are very similiar (VERY) to Marijuana and the flowers are the most beauitiful and intricate that I have seen. This is the first time it has flowered in 2 years. It has grown out of the pot and into the earth with a root the size of a golf ball in diamater. What can I do to ensure that it will produce fruit? It is covered in flower buds and they are just opening up.

  77. We live on the south end of Vancouver Island, BC Canada, and I would love to be able to grow some passion fruit. Do you think I would have any luck?

  78. Passionfruit or liliko‘i, is a rampant vine that produces beautiful, exotic flowers and delicious fruit, which can be yellow or purple, with hard shells or soft ones they grow in hot climate. Passion fruit is suitable for growing on trellises and they can e good to cover and old wall or ugly building.Passion fruit will do well if you plant them in area that is protected from wind.

    Passion fruit is also a medicinal plant. you can brew the fresh leaves into a tea that can help to induce sleep. This tea can also help to ease anxiety, especially that caused by high blood pressure.

  79. i have grown passion fruit plant over 6 months.there are lots of flowers but no fruits at all.what can i do about it?All the flowers just dry and fall off.i feel dissapointed.please tell me what to do??

  80. My passion fruit plant has lot of flowers but hardly any become fruit. the flowers drop off . is it bugs or birds or lack of pollination . There is a way to hand pollinate?

  81. We really love the taste and would hate to be without.
    We will try to grow a vine now we live in New Zealand.

    cheers, Pete.

  82. I live in sourth sourth part of Nigerie and planning to go into passion fruit plantation and production,
    can any one advice me on how to go about it?

  83. Hi I’m an Aussie living in Lancaster Ca I want to try to start a passionfruit vine. I have some seeds that are dry that I got from a passoinfruit. What is the correct way to start the seeds because they are dry and have been out of the fruit for sometime. I would appreciate any suggestions you could give me. Thank you just love the fruit.

  84. Please can anyone help me. Last year my passionfriut provided beautiful friut.This year leaves are yellow and friut drops off or is warty looking. I imagine it is lacking something?But I do fertilize and I placed epsom salts around the base of the vine.

  85. i am an Ethiopian living in one knows very well this passionfruit in ethiopia.
    i would like to cultivate this fruit in a large amount in my farm. Will i get the market to sell it

  86. Gday mate have a great nellie kelly plant has heaps of fruit they are all green at the moment and its winter here just want to know when should i cut it back and give it a good feed cheers mate.

  87. We live in Northern Virginia, US. Past 6-7 weeks ago, my wife bought a passion fruit from Whole Food store for $2.49, it is imported from New Zealand. I sowed some seeds and after 4-5 weeks we’ve got 4 plants. I would like to plan them in my back yard. Will they survise the winter of the mid-Atlantic East Coast of the US and bear fruits? Many Thanks!

  88. HI am fred in uganda i started growing passion fruit last year and now flowering but flowers few why?

  89. HI am fred in uganda i started growing passion fruit last year and are now flowering but flowers are few why?.

  90. i would like to start growing passion fruit the bigger size variety,what do i plant seeds or i need to buy a planted plant in a polythen bag

  91. I’ve been growing passion fruit for two years now, the flowers are a beautiful purple. The problem I’m having is that after the flower disappears I get a green oval shaped fruit. Except its not edible, its not changing colors or rippening,. Help.

  92. Thanks for the information a bout the fruit. Am interested in growing the passion fruit for a commercial purposes. Is there a way i can get a guide book for the same?

  93. Hi

    I am in South Australia and last year i planted a Nelly Kelly black and it grew quite beautifuly. After about 5 months leaves started to discolour and become excessively thick. even the new leaves that grew became quite rough and unhealthy. The new growth of the vine looks like it has been there for million years and not at all like passionfruit vine. (i do get bit of wind in the area where i have planted the vine)
    Can someone kindly advice me what i should do and not do to have a healthy passionfruit vine?.

  94. Hi i am growing passion fruit trees from past 1year . I experience that there are more than thousand flowers came but there are few fruit.what should i do for more fruit .can you please help me

  95. Hi i am growing passion fruit trees from past 1year . I experience that there are more than thousand flowers came but there are no fruit.what should i dor .can you please help me PLEASEEEEE

  96. I just bought my passion fruit. How long can I leave it in it’s container before planting it into the ground? Can Passion Fruit be grown in containers? Also, how doest it grow? In full sun? Partial sun? or what?

  97. dear usama,
    all you need to do to get fruit is to take a paintbrush, and gather pollen from the stamen (there should be 5 on a flower), and apply it thoroughly to the pistils (there should be 3 per flower).

    fruit will form.

  98. I have a passion plant that I have had for about 9 months now, it has spent the winter in doors with me and I just started taking out side this week during the day. I have placed it in the same spot I started it last year. When I brought the plant it last night I noticed that a few of the leaves look like the have wax on them. They are dull green and not lush. I am afraid to put her back out side. What should I do? help please.

  99. I have planted some passion seeds into a pot. Now 2 have sprouted and it’s about 4 inches tall. The leaves are individual single leave instead of 3 lobed one as the one from its parent plant. Now i am not sure if this is a passion fruit seedling. can someone advice me.

  100. Can you tell me at what point the plant should be placed in soil. It says at 5 cm to transfer to it’s own pot, but not when to place in the ground. Thanks


  102. Received seeds from my dtr in Africa from a fruit that she ate and we dried the seed and planted them. Took about 3 month for them to germinate and now have 56 large vines, are they perennials or do i need to keep them indoors. When summer comes is the direct sun to hot as they will be about 6 months old and are about 4 ft tall now? We live in fraser valley iin BC.

  103. We have had problems growing passion fruit in the past. The one I have now was home grown from seed. It has taken off like magic and each year got better but I think this could be it’s last and it’s loaded with fruit, this is year 4. I note some comments about lots of flowers but no fruit. Do you have enough bees around to pollinate the flowers so they can be productive and give you fruit ???
    This year I will start a new plant.

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