Compost Tumbler

On Saturday morning I saw a Tumbleweed Compost Tumbler on special at the local garden center, over $50 off the original price so it came home with me.

After opening the box and reading the instructions, the contstruction was simple. Only needed a 10mm spanner, a phillips head screw driver and  a shifter to put it together and total build time was about 20 minutes.

In the past I have looked around online for a set of instructions to build one, but with limited time these days a purchase was much easier. Here are a couple of links to some great DIY Compost Tumblers: DIY Compost Tumbler DIY Compost Tumbler #2

I’ve just mowed all of the lawns to create something to compost and the bin is only half full. As a supliment and to kickstart the composting process, a couple of handfulls of Dynamic Lifter (chicken manure pellets) and Seasol (Seaweed emulsion) were added.

The instructions in the box say that the bin should be tumbled every two to three days to produce compost in four weeks, but I will be tumbling every day to try and speed things up!

Tumbleweed Compost Tumbler

Here is my new Compost Tumbler with my two dogs, Taylah (German Shepherd Dog) and Abby (Daschund X).

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