Whats in your freezer?

It wasn’t anything to do with global warming and it is winter here, but today we had the big thaw. The frost build up on our chest freezer was getting too much, so out came all of our frozen goods and in came the ice scrapers.

In the aftermath I found that we had quite a lot of food that was not accounted for and had fallen out of memory of being bought. After a quick stock take there appears to be at least 15-20 meals that could be had, all that needs to be added is a few veggies or some salad. The menu could go on all night, 8 pieces of rump steak, 3kg of mince beef, chicken mince, meatballs, sausages, lamb chops, bacon, hash browns, pork chops… How much of this food could go to waste if left sit for too long to get frost bite.

All of that meat would come to around $150 if we were to buy it from the butcher now, so as not to be wasteful we now have a push to eat our way through the freezer before buying any more meat. Sitting beside the freezer is a list showing each of the items that were ‘discovered’, as we go through we’ll cross them off.

How much good food is lurking in your deep freezer?

Why I don’t use weed mat

After moving into our new house, we spent a couple of hours over the weekend looking around my new garden. What we found was a lot of poor soil and what seems like an acre of weed mat in the garden beds!

My past experiences with weed mat have not been good, and this one is not much better. What I find funny in this situation is that there was quite a collection of weeds growing on top!

– Poor water infiltration / increased runoff
With all of that synthetic material on top of the soil, all it can be doing is blocking water and any added nutrients from reaching the roots of your prized plants.
– Lower oxygen levels in the soil
Funnily enough, healthy soil & plants need oxygen to grow to their potential. A layer of plastic, even woven plastic, prevents the natural passage of oxygen from the air to the soil.
– Discourages worms
The gardeners best friend will be driven from or discouraged from tending your garden for you.
– Strangles trees
When removing the weed mat from the front garden bed it was apparent that the trees had grown significantly since the installation. What was troubling was the difficulty and potential damage being caused by the removal of the weed mat.

Although there are a number of different weed mat products on the market, including organic weed mat, I am a firm believer in a good thick layer of mulch and a little weeding will be better in the ling run.

New House – time for a new garden

What a big fortnight it has been!
Moving house has really taken it out of R and I, but the enthusiasm to garden is coming back. Below are some photos of our new back yard, there is some framework for a huge tropical oasis garden. I think I counted 11 palm trees in the yard!

What was a kids sandpit area will now be extended and made into a dirt vegetable garden to supplement my aquaponics system. I look to grow the bulky or large quantity vegetables such as pumpkin, onions, tomatoes etc and leave the AP for herbs, lettuce and other nutrient hungry plants.

Zero garden down the side of the entertaining area. Will be filled with horse manure and planted with large shrubby palms and hibiscus.

Shot of the entertaining area.

An existing garden bed with a huge Cycad and cardboard palm.

Back door garden. Needs some tidy up and a prune back.

This is going to be a great adventure for us both, now to get back to work!