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We all love our gardens and love to share what we grow within them. The Garden Blogger Sessions is something I’ve come up with to draw people who blog about gardening together so we can gain some insight into what makes them tick…

Hanna from This Garden is Illegal was kind enough to donate her time to be the first of what will be many garden bloggers input to the Garden Blogger Sessions.  This Garden is Illegal has also developed a Garden Blog Search Engine, make sure you get your blog included and get the search widget on your site!

What Country do you live in?
US of A
What kind of climate?
Generally unpredictable.  I technically live in zone 5 but Cleveland, OH is in a rare situation of being on a massive lake with a cold area above it.  It creates some interesting and rapidly changing weather patterns (such as Lake Effect Snow).  Some winters we can see zone 6 like conditions and other winters, more like zone 4.
City or country?
Suburbia, Cleveland, OH, USA
How big is your garden?
Slightly bigger than a postage stamp.  That roughly translates to a 1/5 of an acre.
How long have you been gardening?
That is a tough one.  I have been technically gardening since I was about 5.  But up until I was 19, it was termed “daily chores”.  I have enjoyed gardening (meaning I was doing on my own and not as manual labor for someone else) for about 12 years now.
Who taught you how to garden?
I learned the basics from my mother.  But, these days, when I have a question about gardening, I tend to turn towards the internet.  It is a little like God in that there is no answer that cannot be found as long as you know how to speak to it.
Where do you get your inspiration for your garden? (eg parks, botanical gardens, other peoples gardens)
Chaos theory.
Do you plan out your garden on paper, or just go planting things all over?
Really, my garden is kind of like a ghetto.  I just cram them all in and they all hope for the best.
How long have you been blogging about gardening?
Just over two years.
What inspires you to post?
Honestly, because people appreciate my humor on the blog.  I make those kinds of jokes in the offline world and people just look at me funny (not like ha-ha funny either).  Plus, I just enjoy gardening and trivia.  I can combine what I find on my blog as a kind of reference for myself.
Any other comments?
“I did not have sexual relations with that gardener.”
The pic is attached. It is of my veggie garden, which is my pride and joy (plus, it is relatively weeded at the moment).

Are you interested or know someone who may be interested in partaking in the Garden Blogger Sessions? Get onto our Contact page and send me a message. I love to hear from my readers!

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