Garden Design with GardenPlanner

Note: This is a genuine review. HomelyCapers does not gain any profit for mentioning this product.Garden Design
Last month I purchased a copy of GardenPlanner help me in designing the final outcome of my back yard. After playing with the trial version, I though that $US19.95 was a bargain. They also have an online version that you can play with for free!

Starting with a blank canvas, all you need to do is measure the area you wish to design, measure and locate the existing structures (house, garden shed, garden beds, trees) then start playing around with with features such as edging, fences, different plants, ponds, swimming pools, paved area and even down to the details of furniture and pop up sprinklers! Overall the software is very easy to use, it’s all drag and drop, and it has a fantastic help file.

Planning your garden will give you huge time and money savings in the long run, as you will know how many of each plant you will need and where they will go. There is no point planting out a nice garden bed in one area, then having to get a truck load of soil brought in for the other side and having the truck drive right over the top.

In the long run, all the software in the world can’t beat sitting back in your garden with your partner and a cold beer and planning what you would like to see in your yard. The software will only help put it all on paper!