Recycle old socks and Soft drink bottles would have to be one of my favorite websites, as it encourages people to get out and create things from stuff that is laying around. I would love to be a teenager again having plenty of spare time and all of my fathers tools to get stuck into a couple of projects each week.

A simple search for Gardening revealed hundreds of different projects for you to build. Here are three that jumped out at me today:

Scrooge Bottle – A great water saving device built to plant beside water loving plants. It is simple to make and cheap to construct, and is a great way to recycle old socks and soft drink bottles.

Pipe tools – creating a great planting trowel / shovel out of some steel water pipe is the best and cheapest way I’ve seen to create gardening tools.

Easy Garden labels – a thrifty student has used plastic spoons to make sturdy and long lasting plant labels.

So how about we all get out there and start creating things from old materials to make our lives in the garden easier.

Make seedling pots from Newspaper

Browsing YouTube the other night I came across this great video on how to make seedling starter pots out of newspaper.

[youtube: 250 250]

At the end Willi Galloway says that you should take the seedling out of the pot. I think that if you dig your hole for the plant, then pull the bottom out of the newspaper pot the roots will grow straight down and will reduce transplant stress.