Three Sisters Garden

My neighbor was showing me through his vegetable garden yesterday and his prized area was what he called his Three Sisters Garden.

Originally developed by Native Americans many centuries ago, the Three Sisters Garden has three main elements *duh…*.

Sown together in a mound are corn (in this case sweet corn), climbing beans and squash. The theory goes like this.

Make a mound about 4ft across, in the middle plant a circle of corn seeds (about 15cm apart). Wait until the corn has germinated and grown to ~10cm in height, then plant a circle of climbing beans around the outside. After the beans have germinated and grown ~10cm, twisting around the corn seedlings, plant a ring of squash around the outside of the beans.

The Corn provides a great pole for the climbing beans to grow up, the beans attach nitrogen to their roots, providing food for the corn and squash, while the squash provide shade to prevent weeds and keep moisture in the soil.

This method is working well here in Australia, when I get a little more space in my garden I’ll give this a go, maybe I will get some better results from the corn than I have had in the past.

Planting Out my Cheap Plants

IMG_0064It was a month and two days since I potted up the seedlings I bought and blogged about in the Cheap Plants post.
The time had come to plant them out in my garden around the pond.

Over that month both the Vinca and the Hypoestes have grown fantastically strong root systems which will put them in good stead in the wilderness of my garden.

Here are a couple of photo’s of them prior to planting and in their final location.

I hope that they will grow quickly to fill the area with a sea of colour. You can see part of my feature rock next to the pond!

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Make seedling pots from Newspaper

Browsing YouTube the other night I came across this great video on how to make seedling starter pots out of newspaper.

[youtube: 250 250]

At the end Willi Galloway says that you should take the seedling out of the pot. I think that if you dig your hole for the plant, then pull the bottom out of the newspaper pot the roots will grow straight down and will reduce transplant stress.